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13 Michael Place
[2 doors down from the local library]

Leongatha 3953

T: 0488 905 262

Welcome to the re:cycling web site. Our goal at re:cycling is to grow over time to become a little different as far as bike shops go. We are situated in Leongatha which is the town at the very start of The Great Southern Rail Trail . As the name suggests we are about cycling, we are not biased on type of bike nor person, our main concern is getting more people on bikes. By this, the owner has created a business that deals with bikes, people, recycling and creating a sense of community. Using The Great Southern Rail Trail as a platform to introduce people or reintroduce people to the basis of riding a bike. Giving people the opportunity to experience the freedom, quiet, enjoyment, exercise and friendship aspects of cycling in all it's forms.

If you choose to ride a lowrider or carbon fiber, BMX or vintage there is something for everyone involving bikes regardless of fitness, age or sex. To encourage people to try cycling again we have hire bikes for the rail trail that have been rescued from the local refuse areas and fully rebuilt for only $10 a day (including a helmet). There are second hand bikes that have been fully serviced and even though they don't look new they are in almost perfect working order for a very nice price. In time we hope to have two price points for the hire bikes which will give people an experience of what a new bike feels like at a higher but reasonable cost. Also, when The Great Southern Rail Trail meets with the trail from Yarram in the future, there will be some 96 kms to travel and a current model bicycle would be the way to go when experiencing the country side and worthwhile views.

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