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Welcome to the re:cycling web site. Our goal at re:cycling is to grow over time to become a little different as far as bike shops go. We are situated in Leongatha which is the town at the very start of The Great Southern Rail Trail . As the name suggests we are about cycling, we are not biased on type of bike nor person, our main concern is getting more people on bikes. By this, the owner has created a business that deals with bikes, people, recycling and creating a sense of community. Using The Great Southern Rail Trail as a platform to introduce people or reintroduce people to the basis of riding a bike. Giving people the opportunity to experience the freedom, quiet, enjoyment, exercise and friendship aspects of cycling in all it's forms. If you choose to ride a lowrider or carbon fiber, BMX or vintage there is something for everyone involving bikes regardless of fitness, age or sex. To encourage people to try cycling again we have hire bikes for the rail trail that have been rescued from the local refuse areas and fully rebuilt for only $10 a day (including a helmet). There are second hand bikes that have been fully serviced and even though they don't look new they are in almost perfect working order for a very nice price. In time we hope to have two price points for the hire bikes which will give people an experience of what a new bike feels like at a higher but reasonable cost. Also, when The Great Southern Rail Trail meets with the trail from Yarram in the future, there will be some 96 kms to travel and a current model bicycle would be the way to go when experiencing the country side and worthwhile view


Stocked Bicycle Brands



 We repair, service, hire, restore all types of bikes. The staff at re:cycling are attempting to go that one step further and pride themselves on the 'repair' rather than 'replace' mindset. Bike shops of old had this philosophy and we feel it is somewhat lost in today's retail industry. There are still some shops with this attitude today, when good service is second nature and the finished product being the most significant. There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from repairing the broken bicycle at a reasonable cost and a fine line between the repair cost effectively and putting the repair cost into a new bike. Of course we are talking about the cheaper bike rather than the more expensive, however the tale is the same, as the cost is relative to the repair time and the replacement part cost.



We currently stock Trek, GT Bicycles, Schwinn, Mongoose, Fuji and a couple of retro ladies bikes from XDS at the moment. These brands were chosen because they are reputable proven global brands and are backed by people who know how to build a bike that's attractive to every buyer. These brands encompass a variety of styles from BMX, road bikes, retro bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid and comfort hybrid. We also stock plenty of bicycle accessories from BBB, Tioga, Shimano and Topeak to name a few. There are so many brands in the cycling industry that we just don't have the space to stock them all, but we can order in anything you might need, just give us a try. We have racks and panniers, baskets and seat bags, tyres and tubes, lights and mirrors in stock and have access to many other items that can be ordered in a few days. We pride ourselves on stocking the things that some might find obsure in this day such as trouser clips, tyre liners and valve adaptors. We stock a small range of Shimano shoes, cleats and pedals of various kinds. We keep a cheaper range of tyres in stock as well these brands Michelin, Maxxis, Schwalbe,


                                                     BICYCLE SERVICING

Bicycle servicing is our bread and butter and we do the job thoroughly. We have the major service and the minor service. There is no in between. Major Service is basically a full rebuild at a cost of $130. We remove all parts from the frame, polish the frame and forks then refit components using new lube in bearings, pivots and other movable parts. Any part replacement labour is included in this cost, so only the part cost inflates the overall end price. Servicing bikes this way gives us the best opportunity to make educated decisions as to what is still serviceable and what is not. If the bike has not been used for a period of 12 months or more then it is worthwhile giving it a birthday to make those unknowns, known. The Minor Service is basically a mild saftey check at $49.50. This includes minor wheel truing, brake adjustment and gear operation check and adjust. Bicycles need a tickle up from time to time in between major services. If a bike has been picked up off hard rubbish then it should have a once over using the major service to bring it back to a servicable state. If the bike has been passed on to you by a friend the same rule usually applies as the bike is still an unknown quantity. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere because the bike wasn't in full working order is annoying, not to mention being unsafe for you and others you maybe riding with.